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I love serial killers

“I’ll admit it: I’m a huge streaming junkie. Once I’ve started a series, I just can’t get enough. But streaming is only fun when it doesn’t lag or buffer. My Avinity network cable keeps my Amazon Fire TV box running at full speed. And our High-End Edition HDMI cable ensures perfect sound and video. That lets me follow Dexter and his ‘adventures’ without interruption.”

Cornelia Bröcker, Avinity marketing

True music lover

“To get the feeling of the Black Sabbath ‘The End Tour’ in my own living room, I send Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler through my Yamaha Aventage RX-A3020, my Vincent SP331-MK amplifier and the Avinity Magic Twisted speaker cable to my nuVero14 speakers from Nubert. When I close my eyes, I can see them rocking the Waldbühne concert hall in Berlin.”

Jürgen Hirschbeck, Avinity product management

To us

“I think music makes everything better. When I’m taking photos of our Avinity cables or putting together a collage, I play music from my laptop. And when my favourite song comes on, I give Andreas Bourani the volume he needs by connecting my self-powered speaker using our jack-RCA cable. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Eva Huber, Avinity photographer

Design meets technology

“For me, aesthetics and sound go hand in hand. That’s why I designed an audio cable to match my PA 1260 R and CD 1260 R from T+A, which has a very classic design. It even looks good with my Tivoli radio. On the weekends I blast music through my studio and fiddle around with my slot cars, going over the next race in my head.”

Nils Krietenstein, Avinity product design

Don't cry for me Argentina

“For us Argentinians, rhythm is in our blood. I use my Internet radio to listen to Argentinian tunes and fill my flat with a little piece of home. When I’m in the car, I use my smartphone and our Avinity jack-jack cable to stay in el ritmo.”

Silvina Martin, Avinity graphic designer

May the fun be with you

“I’m a huge Star Wars fan. And to make sure that the dark side of the force has just the right shade of black on my TV, I connect my Denon receiver to my Oppo Blu-ray player using our High-End Edition HDMI cable. For me, it’s the perfect combination. And when the Death Star explodes for the hundredth time, I just lean back as the sound makes my hairs stand on end.”

Carsten M. Bröcker, Avinity product management

A concert in my head

“In the summer, you can find me at music festivals. I buy CDs of the bands I like – already considered old school, I know – because I love browsing through booklets. And yes, I sing along in my car, at the top of my lungs and occasionally off key. If I want to clear my head so I can work, I put on my Marshall headphones, turn on my portable Avinity headphone amplifier and listen to music on my iPhone.”

Alexandra Beck, Avinity web design