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Active optical HDMI™ cable

The active optical HDMI™ cables from Avinity’s High Performance series enable lossless transmission of high-resolution picture and sound signals. They deliver a perfect sound and picture experience in 4K/Ultra HD/SUHD/3D and HDR with brilliant audio performance in hi-res – over distances of up to 100 metres. The HDMI™ signals are converted into light waves and, as such, can cover large distances without interference.

Thanks to AOT (active optical technology), the diameter of the new Avinity cables is also minimised, which makes it especially easy to lay the cables. No additional amplifiers, network technology or power supply are necessary. The active optical HDMI™ cables are ideal for home cinema installations and for professional applications. And, of course, they fulfil the high requirements of the HDMI 2.0b specifications.

Alle Längen im Überblick:
107600 | 10.0 m | UPE 299 EUR
107605 | 12.5 m | UPE 319 EUR
107606 | 15.0 m | UPE 335 EUR
107601 | 20.0 m | UPE 349 EUR
107602 | 30.0 m | UPE 399 EUR
107603 | 50.0 m | UPE 499 EUR
107604 | 100.0 m | UPE 699 EUR

AVINITY cable in a test carried out by Audiovision

Aktiv optical HDMI Cable
High Performance Series
High Speed HDMI with Ethernet
High Performance Series
High Speed HDMI with Ethernet
High End Edition
High Speed HDMI with Ethernet
Reference Class
General information
AV version 09/17 12/16 12/16 12/16
Price 399 EUR 89 EUR 179 EUR 299 EUR
Length tested (m) 30 5 3 5
Available lengths (mm) ∅ 4.6 ∅ 9 13.3 x 7.3 ∅ 9.3
Cable/plug dimensions (mm) 19.2 x 10.5 21.5 x 13.4 23 x 12.8 21.7 x 13.4
Cable/plug colour Black / black Black-white / chrome Black-white / chrome Bronze-black / black
Rigidity Very flexible Very stiff Stiff Stiff
Recommended wall clearance (cm) 12 12 11 12
Materials Fibre optic Copper, silver-plated, gold (plug) Copper, silver-plated, gold (plug) Copper, silver-plated, gold (plug)
Other Integrated optical couplers, predefined signal direction Ferrite core, woven jacket, metal plug Woven jacket, metal plug, very torsion-resistant
UHD visual test: 60p / 24p Passed / passed
UHD measurement: 60p / 24p Passed / passed
HDR visual test Passed
3D visual test Passed
CEC test/ARC test Passed / passed
18-Gbit transmission test Passed
Workmanship Sehr gut
AV rating Very good