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48 Gbps – 4k@120Hz – 8K@60Hz

The latest HDMI standard

The ultra-high-speed HDMI cables from Avinity support all of the features of HDMI 2.1 , such as uncompressed 8K@60Hz and 4K@120Hz, a data transfer rate of up to 48 Gbit/s, eARC and dynamic HDR. The result is rich-contrast, intensive-colour image transfers as well as crystal-clear sound - whether you're streaming, playing back UHD content or gaming.

The best gaming experience guaranteed

Functions such as variable refresh rate (VRR) or auto low latency mode (ALLM) deliver a gaming experience without delays, offering faster response times and smoother image displays. The ultra-high-speed HDMI cables from Avinity do all this with flair.

Cables for the future

Even if it will still take some time until 8K will become established across the board, it is definitely worthwhile to rely on future-proof accessories now. Cables with HDMI 2.1 specifications are easily backward compatible. But with them, you are also equipped when the input goes beyond games and cameras.

8k cables

With special testing procedures, we can guarantee that all specifications of HDMI 2.1 are met.

Put through its paces

Our colleagues from the Quality Assurance department have delved deep into the new HDMI 2.1 specifications. With the help of a special testing device, they check that our HDMI cables are guaranteed to meet all the specified parameters. In fact, it turned out that we were ahead of the curve, especially when it came to 8K. "Many of the high-speed cables from our premium range easily meet the requirements for this," says Alexander Habermeyer, Deputy Head of our Quality Assurance Department, summarizing the results from numerous series of tests.

Officially certified

Avinity has been a partner to HDMI Licensing LL, the licensing body responsible for HDMI specifications, for many years. Through close cooperation with the licensing body, we are always at the cutting edge - including with regard to ultra-high-speed data transmission. This means we are officially licensed by HDMI Licensing LL.

On the packaging, the certification is visible in the form of a QR code and hologram. This certification can even be scanned and a certified cable verified with the help of the HDMI Cable Certification app.