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Living up in the back garden

Made for everyone who knows that not all cables are created equal.

In the heart of a large city in northern Bavaria, a young family created a perfect oasis in their back garden. The entrance connects to the eat-in kitchen and the living area to form a single, multi-purpose space. This put certain requirements on the home cinema system: easy use, secure and aesthetically pleasing integration of the components and, of course, a modern set-up with multichannel audio and a flat screen TV.

Multimedia meets family cinema

The heart of the system is the custom-built media wall unit. The unit was designed so that the 55 inch LOEWE TV would disappear discretely behind two glass panels when not in use, and the spaces for the AV devices below the television were designed with different levels to take into account connecting cables and the emitted heat. The TV is mounted on a wooden panel that is set forwards from the back of the unit, which makes the TV seem closer to the viewers while also complementing the design of the unit itself. Avinity input cables from the High Performance range are almost completely concealed behind the panel. To ventilate the AV components, the owners came up with a creative solution by cutting a sort of chimney in the double wall at the back.

As it should be, the centre REVOX speaker is directly below the TV, where it can produce perfect sound. The two main speakers and the two rear speakers from REVOX complement the wall unit’s bright glass design to form a single, elegant unit. Even the pre-fabricated Avinity Magic Silver Pro speaker cables are perfectly integrated, with only the last few centimetres showing.

Because of this concealed installation, the RTI media control system plays an important role. The RTI T 1B remote control has two transmission channels of 433 MHz and 2.4 GHz. It can transmit commands simultaneously in both the radio and infrared spectra. At the heart of this sophisticated control system is an RTI XP-6. The two-way controller has a 32-bit processor clocked at 533 MHz and communicates with the system components via its 12 V trigger ports and RS-232 interfaces. The integrated multiroom system is operated using a proprietary app and can distribute synchronised sound amongst multiple rooms if necessary.

In this house, a true cinema experience is paramount. The Avinity AHP-967 semi-open over-ear headphones make it possible to experience your own private concert even when others are sleeping. Since Avinity is actually more of a cable specialist, they teamed up with renowned headphone specialist Beyerdynamic from Heilbronn to make these high-quality headphones, which are hand crafted in Germany.

With these products, you can bring all aspects of the perfect home cinema experience under one roof.

Implementation: HiFi Forum in Baiersdorf
Publications:; Video magazine, 07/2016


LED-TV (16:9) LOEWE Connect 55 – 3D ELED backlit TV, 3840 x 2160 pixels, Ultra HD, triple HD tuner, 1000 GB hard drive
AV-Receiver Marantz SR7009 – 9x 200 watts, 9.2 channel processing, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, Auro-3D, Auddyssey Pro
Blu-ray Player Marantz UD7007 – 3D Blu-ray player, SACD player
Front/tower speakers ReVox G Prestige – tower speaker with real glass front, white design
Centre speaker ReVox G Center – speaker with real glass front, white design
Surround sound speakers ReVox G Column – tower speaker with real glass front, white design
Media control system RTI T 1B + handheld controller (dual RF and ZigBee) – remote control with rechargeable battery, charging station and RTI XP-6 2-way controller with 2x RS-232, 3x relays, 3x triggers, 6x IR, 3x sensors, 1x Ethernet port for each mode
Headphones AVINITY AHP-967 – semi-open over-ear hi-fi headphones, made in Germany
HDMITM cables AVINITY PREMIUM LINE – High Performance Series – 4K / Ultra HD, DSD support for hi-res audio, HD audio formats DTS™ HD / Dolby® True HD
RCA cables AVINITY PREMIUM LINE – High Performance Series – directional, silver plated
Speaker cables AVINITY PREMIUM LINE – Magic Silver Pro – high-purity HP oxygen-free copper cables made from multi-strand 0.10 mm cores, made in Germany
Banana plugs AVINITY PREMIUM LINE – High Performance Series – hollow banana plugs, high-quality silver plating
Vibration absorbers AVINITY PREMIUM LINE – High Performance Series
Power strip AVINITY PREMIUM LINE – 6-way master/slave power strip – gold-plated contacts, dimmed LEDs, built-in child protection