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HDR Gaming

True HDR gaming via PS4 Pro and Xbox One S: Here’s how it works

A few months ago, 4K/Ultra-HD Blu-ray ensured new standards in film display. Now it’s video games that set the tone in the proliferation of HDR. HDR video streams carry out an image adjustment fully automatically; however, when connecting the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S gaming consoles, a manual adjustment is necessary in the HDMI settings on the HDR television. This is shown in a test report published by the HDTV trade journal (issue 1/2017). The test was carried out with Premium-certified HDMI cables from the AVINITY Reference Class and High Performance series.

"Pay attention to two things: The HDR television should also allow game mode with HDR image sources and the input lag should be as low as possible."


Manufacturer Setting
LG Enable HDMI Ultra HD Deep Colour in the ‘General’ options
Panasonic Enable HDMI HDR in the Setup settings
Philips Enable HDMI Ultra HD 4:4:4 in the ‘General’ options
Samsung Enable HDMI UHD Colour in the picture settings
Sony Set the HDMI signal format under external inputs to ‘Enhanced’

"If the HDMI cable does not fulfil the HDMI 2.0 standards or has a defect, then UHD HDR gaming fun can be already over before it has begun."

Utmost care is also required when choosing the HDMI cable. According to the editor of Auerbach Verlag: "… specifically the PS4 Pro and Sbox One S can exhaust the output maximum for the signal output as defined by the current HDMI standard, so that every cable fault is penalised with image interference or signal loss."

Pictures: Auerbach Verlag
The game mode for a lower input lag cannot be enabled with all UHD HDR televisions Here a TV with Full HD contents (left) shows a clearly lower input lag than in the case of a UHD HDR feed (right, test with our HDMI cable from the Reference Class).