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Data streaming made easy

Wireless streaming is all the rage these days. The term implies that cables are not necessary, but actually the opposite is true. Cables are seldom included with streaming boxes.


Google Chromecast Audio allows hi-res streaming up to 96 kHz / 24 bit. Achieving this audio quality requires a digital ODT cable, however, which is not included with delivery. Connecting the device to a high-quality receiver or amplifier requires a separate audio cable, since the included jack-jack cable is very short, not shielded and is better suited as a test cable. A longer cable with adequate shielding is ideal.

Product recommendation:
127112 | ODT | CLASSIC LINE | 1.5m
127044 | JACK/JACK | CLASSIC LINE | 1.5m


The Apple TV streaming box delivers films in 4K / Ultra HD resolution with brilliant HDR reproduction, and supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. To connect the streaming box to a television, you do however need a 4K-compatible HDMI cable which is not included in the box. If you want reliable, uninterrupted streaming, we also recommend connecting a network cable. This enables optimum operation of the Apple TV 4K, even by voice input.

Product recommendation:
127124 | HDMI | CLASSIC LINE | 1.5m
127160 | NETWORK | CLASSIC LINE | 1.5m


The Amazon Fire TV Stick or Google Chromecast are great if you want to watch television without an Internet connection or if your preferred streaming service is not available. If you have limited space behind your television, the AVINITY HDMI 90° angle adapter is the perfect solution. It also eliminates the need to bend cables, which can cause signal interference, and it allows you to connect the device in the optimal position for WLAN reception. AVINITY also offers angular HDMI cables. These smartly designed cables and adapters are also available for ODT, SAT and antenna.

Product recommendation:
107610 | HDMI ANGLE ADAPTER KIT "UP + DOWN“ | For horizontal sockets | HIGH PERFORMANCE
107611 | HDMI ANGLE ADAPTER KIT "UP + DOWN“ | For vertically sockets | HIGH PERFORMANCE

If your television does not have another free HDMI port, you can also plug the streaming stick directly
into a receiver or amplifier that is connected to the television. Once again, the
AVINITY HDMI 90° angle adapter is the ideal accessory for ensuring that the stick
is perfectly aligned and provides optimal WLAN reception.


To connect the Amazon Fire TV Box to a television, you need an HDMI cable that is not included in the box. Because of the high data bandwidth (4K / Ultra HD / HDR), we recommend using a high-quality HDMI cable that supports 4K. If the box is directly next to the amplifier or receiver, it is better to use a shorter HDMI cable, e.g. 75 centimetres.

Product recommendation:
127103 | HDMI | CLASSIC LINE | 0.75m
107456 | HDMI | MASTER SERIES | 1.0m
127160 | NETWORK | CLASSIC LINE | 1.5m