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Audio Cable, 2 RCA plugs - 2 RCA plugs, fabric, gold-plated, 2 m

ITEM 00107727

RCA Cable

199.00 EUR SRP

This directional RCA stereo cable with its high proportion of silver and the PC-OCC strands ensures an especially optimised treble performance and sound experience across all frequencies. The quintuple total shield of the reference cable guarantees lossless transmission of audio signals.



  • Fully silver-coated, copper-modulated PC OCC wire (99.99% Cu) with screened special signal lines in a coaxial design
  • Quintuple total shield of the cable for interference-free audio signal transmission
  • High-density braiding and double, extra-thick aluminium foil
  • Directional
  • Screw-in plugs
  • 24-karat hard gold-plated solid metal plugs

More product information

  • High-quality audio cable for connecting e.g. a tape deck, CD player, DVD player or television with an amplifier or receiver
  • Quintuple protection
  • HCA - High Class Audio
  • High proportion of silver
  • 30-year guarantee

Test results


Very good

"Demanding processed cable with direction select. Highly regulative, high focus on fine dynamic details. Rather comfortable base rendition. Generally speaking analytical."