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"Magic Silver Pro" Loudspeaker Cable, Semi-Lunar, 2 x 4.0 mm²

ITEM 00107445

Loudspeaker Cable

17.99 EUR SRP

Cable Cross Section



  • Magic Silver Pro is a high-quality, premium speaker cable made of specially twisted individual wires
  • Maximum corrosion resistance and high-purity OFC copper with 0.10 mm individual cores ensures excellent conductivity and thus impressive transmission over all frequencies
  • This cable is especially suited for separate treble, midrange and bass transmission to systems with high-quality cabling. Colour coding ensures that the connection is error-free and in phase.
  • The special design made from high-purity HP OFC copper combined with silvered inner conductors guarantees optimized running time and protection from interference. A professional cable for the highest requirements.
  • This cable is optimal and easy to use and a symbiosis of bi-wiring and silvered single cables

More product information

  • Professional cable for sophisticated audio systems
  • High-purity HP-OFC copper cable made from 0.10 mm fine-wire single cable
  • With continuous metre printing
  • Special lengths on request
  • Cable can be custom-made
  • Made in Germany
  • 30-year warranty