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"Magic Tube" Loudspeaker Cable, Semi-Lunar, 2 x 2.5 mm²

ITEM 00107437

Loudspeaker Cable

13.29 EUR SRP

Cable Cross Section



  • Magic Tube stands for professionalism and unique dynamics. This carefully crafted speaker cable guarantees a complete sound experience.
  • The colour-coded rayon inner core is made up of high-quality, multi-strand 0.10 mm silver-coated cores. The cable is protected by a strong sheath on one side.
  • Thanks to this special cable design, signal transmissions are particularly well structured. The result: excellent conductivity, reduced skin effect and reliable,optimised transmission. For the discerning listener, this opens up a whole new world of rich dynamics and detailed sound experiences over all frequency ranges. Thanks to good electrical conductivity, this speaker cable is perfect for all areas of application. Transparent coding ensures that the connection is error-free and in phase.
  • Easy handling and extremely reliable transmission – a symbiosis of technology and passion.

More product information

  • Professional cable for sophisticated audio systems
  • High-purity HP-OFC copper cable made from 0.10 mm fine-wire single cable
  • With continuous metre printing
  • Special lengths on request
  • Cable can be custom-made
  • Made in Germany
  • 30-year warranty